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Jackknife Creek Land & Cattle

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Edmonton, AB
100 lb Quarter of Beef
100 lb Quarter of Beef

100 lb Quarter of Beef

Standard Quarter of Dry-Aged Local Beef, 100 lbs


Approx. Weight: 100 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: More than 6 weeks
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Our standard cut quarter comes with a variety of cuts from steaks to roasts to ground beef and is one of the most economical ways to fill your freezer with beef from our family farm. Some substitutions may be made depending on customer preference and stock availability. All cuts can be substituted for ground beef with the exception of the soup bones. All of our beef is raised and finished on our family farm in northern Alberta and dry aged to perfection. We take our beef to Johnny's Sausage and Meats in Grimshaw; it is a provincially inspected abattoir so you can be assured your beef has met all the food safety standards! Johnny also makes all of our smoked products (jerky, pepperoni, sausage, smokies etc.) using our beef and his recipes. Soooo good!

Ordering a quarter or half of a beef is the most economical way to purchase our beef (think bulk purchasing) but does require a bit of an upfront investment. If you don't have the freezer space or aren't looking to spend THAT much on beef, hit up a friend or family member and split it!

2 tenderloin steaks (2/package, 14 oz)
6 T-Bone steaks (16 oz each)
6 bone in ribeye (14 oz each)
5 sirloin steaks (12 oz each)
2 round steaks (12 oz each)
1 flank steak (1.5 lbs)
4 minute (cube) steaks (4/package, 1 lb)
2 sirloin tip roasts (3 lbs each)
2 round roasts (3 lbs each)
2 cross rib roasts (3 lbs each)
2 chuck roasts (3.5 lbs each)
1 eye of round roast (2.5 lbs)
1 half brisket (4 lbs)
2 stir fry strips (1 lb each)
2 short ribs, 4 bones each (2 lbs each)
4 stewing beef (1 lb each)
40 lbs ground beef
5 lbs soup marrow bones

Jackknife Creek Land & Cattle is a family farm in Manning, Alberta. Working hard to bring local, nutritious food to your family's dinner table in the form of dry aged beef. Beef is the heart of our operation, and we pride ourselves in producing some of the highest quality beef around. The calves are born in the spring, weaned in the fall and are fed a tailored ration through the winter for growth and finish.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and environmental stewardship and participate in various programs to help us accomplish that. These include the Verified Beef Program, Environmental Farm Plan and Beef Information Exchange System.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us through the contact form on our homepage!